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  • 2019 RETAIL PRICES - We Harvest to Order. 1+

    Turf Type Tall Fescue sold by the square yard - Harvested Year Round - Weather Permitting - Best in Cooler Months

        $6.00 a square yard - measures 16" wide  x  81" long. Rolls up to the size of a large cinder block weighing 40 lbs. ±

         Pallet deposit of $15.00 refundable upon return.

    Bermuda $ 6.00 a square yard - Harvested in the Summer - June 1st (if ready)- September 1st

    Bermuda Plugs $40.00 for  approximately  300 plugs

    Bermuda Sprigs - $3.00 a bushel - minimum 100 bushels

    Meyer Z-52 Zoysia & Zenith Zoysia - Harvested Late Spring - Depending on Temperatures - Until October 1st

    $14.00 a square yard-each weighing approximately 45 lbs. ±

    Plugs $40.00 for approximately 300 plugs, that are the size of a silver dollar and separated.

    Auger $25.00 attaches to hand drill for making holes for plugs

    Turf Type Tall Fescue Seed 1-24lbs $2.25 a lb

    25lb bag of seed $56.25

    50lb bag of seed $ 110.00


    All of our seed is Oregon Certified. Containing no weeds or other matter. 94% germination rate.

          *Delivery $200.00 minimum for up to 400 yards - Richmond Metro Area. Scheduled based on availibilty of our trucks.

           401+ yards .50 cents a square yard.  Outside our normal delivery area, cost of delivery increases. Call for a quote.

         *Price Subject to Change based on distance and amount.

         Installation $1.00 a square yard - with forklift access. Walking and Wheel barrowing the sod will increase the cost of installation.

         Figuring out the amount of sod needed is a matter of squaring off the areas and measuring in feet.

       Multiply Length x Width in feet and divide by 9 to get square yards.

       See Measuring on this website for guidance. Or call and we will help!


Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm

            Saturdays by

804-883-6338ppointment only. Schedule your pick up time.