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  • Green since 1968

          Welcome to Brookmeade Sod Farm! 2019 marks the 51st year of farming in Hanover County.  Locally owned and operated, current and only owners Louis and Ginger Brooking started Brookmeade in June of 1968.  Louis had graduated from VA Tech’s Agronomy Department specializing in Turf.  Having his degree and being raised on a farm - led to starting one of Virginia's first Sod Farms. When Brookmeade first began Ginger was employed as a RN in Richmond working the night shift. She spent her days mowing grass and handling administrative duties, while Louis was 100% on the farm. Together Louis and Ginger have been hands on running the company since 1968. The Brookmeade family has now grown to three farms with 16 employees, many of whom have been with the company for nearly 20 years.  Louis oversees 300 acres of sod, all in Hanover County. The Plain Dealing Farm located in Ashland is maintained by 30 year veteran employee LP McLeod; Dana Mosby with the farm for 40 years manages the Vontay Farm in Rockville. Vontay and Plain Dealing Farms are production only for deliveries and installations, while the main farm on Rt. 54 handles all of the scheduling, farm pick ups and daily operations. Brookmeade sells wholesale and retail at the location on Rt. 54 - 12 months a year, weather permitting. Located 1 mile west of Patrick Henry High School, when the schools are closed for bad weather - so is Brookmeade.

        A large part of the business has been new home construction, sub divisions all over the Richmond Metropolitan area. In these neighborhoods new homes require a front lawn before closing. Brookmeade's Sod is growing all over Richmond - from grassy areas in Kings Dominion, Innsbrook Office Complex, Hollywood Cemetery to the newly renovated Virginia War Memorial.  Landscapers and Irrigation companies contract Brookmeade to install sod for their clients providing sod around buildings and parking lot islands; in addition to handling homeowners’ sod needs.  Although Brookmeade Sod Farm has been in business for 51 years; many homeowners are not aware they can buy directly from the farm.  Brookmeade offers Turf Type Tall Fescue in Square Yards 16"x81" all year,  Zenith and Meyer Z-52 Zoysia bag of plugs and/or by the square yard. Vamont Bermuda in square yards, plugs and sprigs.  Zoysia and Bermuda are available to harvest when the temperatures warm up. Check back for Zoysia and Bermuda harvesting announcements.

        Many homeowners find they have small sod needs to cover areas where they may have taken up a tree, changed landscaping around an addition, or even put in a pool - tearing up the lawn in the process. Harvesting to order, with a minimum order of 1 square yard - Brookmeade provides sod to fix these areas, as well as complete lawn renovations.  Some residential customers are Do It Yourselfers - handling all of the sod work themselves, having Brookmeade deliver large amounts of sod when ready to install. Brookmeade offers farm pick up, delivery and expert installation. Save your back - let us do the heavy work. BSF's reputation has been built on providing service to their customers both before and after the sale. There is always a turf expert available at Brookmeade to answer customer questions and provide follow up after the sod has been installed.

         Louis and Ginger have continued a relationship with VA Tech, working with their Turf Department providing test plots at our main farm for research for the past 25 years.  Louis is extremely knowledgeable but is always learning and willing to pass on all he knows to the customer. Louis has dedicated his life to turf, he is quite the local expert as well as being recognized state wide and internationally as one of the leaders in the turf industry. The Brookings commitment is demonstrated by their endowment of a scholarship at VA Tech for a graduate student in the Turf Department.

    Brookmeade is open all year, harvesting, selling, delivering and installing sod, weather permitting. 




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    14328 Medley Grove Lane

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